Launching Retail Mashup To The Masses

Retail Mashup is a content platform focusing on customer experience insights in the retail industry. This post shares more about the brand and its direction to retail customer experience.

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The Beginning

DeAnn and I met in a random retail-related room on the voice-based application called Clubhouse back at the height of the pandemic in 2021. We decided to connect over the phone after weeks of interactions on LinkedIn and Clubhouse.

We have a lot in common over our love and frustration for retail customer experience. This passion would spark conversations that lasted an hour to more than two hours. We had a lightbulb moment one day over a “why would a brand do this” story. We thought then that customers and brands alike can use a platform to learn and share their customer experience stories.

Retail Mashup – The Name

DeAnn and I initially wanted to create a newsletter. However, we thought that would do an injustice to the contents of our phone discussions. This led to us recording some podcast episodes as a trial run.

Why Retail Mashup? We were wordsmithing one day and the word “mashup” came up quickly. It encapsulates the mix of concepts, ideas, personalities, experiences, and knowledge that we bring to the platform. That’s how Retail Mashup was born.

The logo showcases the different paths customers and brands take to engage and build relationships. In our world, the best retail customer experience should not take the one size fits all approach.

Retail Mashup Tagline

Our tagline is “Retail Customer Experience Insights At Your Fingertips”. We want Retail Mashup to be accessible in different channels. As a start, we will launch with the following channels:

  • Insights – We will post insights regularly on customer experience topics in the retail industry. Some of the topics covered may include branding, technology, customer service, feedback, and engagement. Staying authentic, we cover both successes and failures.
  • Podcasts – We will post podcasts regularly so that you can hear our thoughts on trending topics in the car and on your runs. We will also use this channel to interview some talents in the space. Each episode will last between 8-12 minutes long. There will always be a transcript available for better accessibility. (Coming Soon)
  • Have Your Say – We want you to participate on this platform! Have your say in polls and quizzes we will post regularly on the front page or inside the channel. We look forward to reading your comments on trending topics.

What’s In It For You?

We created Retail Mashup as a platform to showcase customer experience in the retail industry. Through the content, you can learn about the challenges and opportunities in the space. You can also have your say on various trending customer experience topics and build new connections on the platform.

What’s Next?

Besides the regular programming, we are prototyping a few ideas with the goal to assist brands to build a better connection with their customers. Subscribe to our platform below for the latest news.

Connect With Us

Content contribution or general inquiry: [email protected]
Advertising and sponsorship: [email protected]
DeAnn: [email protected]
Larry: [email protected]

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