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We post insight pieces on customer experience successes and failures in the industry. These posts mix current trends and historical showcases that highlight intentions versus reality. We will also discuss how brands can improve customer experience through engagement, technology innovation, service recovery techniques, and feedback monitoring. All insights are written by retail customer experience experts, DeAnn Campbell, and Larry Leung. Find out more about them here.

Latest Insights

  • 6 Types Of Customer Service For Brands To Master
    Technology innovation has created new customer service channels. This insight takes a deeper look at how the customer service experience has evolved from high-touch person-to-person connection to automated solutions. Find out what the six types…
  • How Arden’s Garden Best Overcomes Competition
    Starting my first 2023 post off with a positive. This insight showcases Arden’s Garden‘s expansion journey with a wholesale strategy that includes grocery stores like Kroger, Publix, and Whole Food Stores and an outside-the-box customer…
  • The Best of Retail Mashup 2022 Edition
    DeAnn Campbell and Larry Leung launch Retail Mashup in October 2022 to discuss customer experience (CX) triumphs, failures, and journeys in between. With the focus in the retail industry, there are stories waiting to be…

Discussing Trends

We have you covered on customer experience insights on major podcast platforms. On a regular basis, DeAnn Campbell and Larry Leung will discuss trending topics with real-life stories mixed in doses of reality checks. Some examples include how brands can use pop-up stores to extend customer engagement, what brands should do when they have been neglecting the customers, how brands can improve their signage, etc.

  • Conquer Winter Storms With Better Customer Experience (2022)
    The 2022 holiday season will be remembered for a once-in-a-generation winter storm sweeping through North America. In a special edition of Retail Mashup the Podcast, Larrye discusses how retailers can better manage winter storm disruptions through customer experience. You can find this podcast episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartMedia, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, and Anchor.
  • Brand Identity For The Better Part 2
    Part 1 of the Retail Mashup podcast focused on brand identity from the social media platform and messaging perspectives. In part 2, DeAnn and I discussed how brand identity could be improved through regular assessment, training, and failure adaptation. You can find this podcast episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartMedia, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, and Anchor.
  • Fighting for Brand Identity Is Never Easy Part 1
    This podcast episode focuses on brand identity and the association with different influences and social media platforms can alter public perception for the worse.
  • Fall In Love With Pop-Up Experiences Part 2
    The first Retail Mashup podcast episode had a great response. DeAnn and I decided to build on the discussion with Part 2 focusing on how music artists, entertainers and other brands can prolong engagement with fun pop-up experiences.
  • The Love For Music And The Ultimate Pop-Up Experiences
    In this first episode of the Retail Mashup podcast, we will discuss the ultimate physical and digital pop-up experiences featuring BTS, Harry Styles, Beyoncé, and Selena Gomez. Additionally, we navigate around pop stars and the art of authenticity when it comes to engagement and selling their brand.
Interacting With You

We care about your opinions. On a regular basis, we will post polls on trending topics and ask for your thoughts. Fun examples include: how you feel about supermarket kiosks, how you feel about customer experience today, whether you have been engaged on your birthday, etc. We will curate our content based on your participation.

  • Convenience Stores Pushes Forward
    This edition of Have You Say takes inspiration from an insight piece Retail Insight published on convenience stores’ new chapter.
  • Netflix Retail Strategy – Permanent or Stay Pop-Up?
    Introduction – Netflix Retail Strategy Retail Mashup wrote about the new Netflix at the Grove pop-up store that opened on October 13, 2022. We wanted to dedicate this pair of Have Your Say polls to…
  • Cheers To The Best Birthday Yet
    Introduction – Birthday Many brands ask customers routinely for their personal information including name, address, and birth date. They try to know the customers better by adding previous transactions, engagements, and third-party data. When it…
  • Supermarket Kiosks – Love It or Hate It?
    Introduction – Supermarket Kiosks During the pandemic, many supermarket chains rapidly introduced self-checkout kiosks to replace full-time employees and reduce unnecessary interactions. Brandessence Market Research forecasts that the interactive kiosk market will reach $38.52 billion by…

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