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Retail Mashup cares about your opinions. In a recent post, it was noted that simple surveys can earn up to 200% conversion. That is why we keep our polls on trending topics simple.

Some fun poll examples we created include: how you feel about supermarket kiosks, how you feel about customer experience today, whether you have been engaged on your birthday, etc. We will curate our content based on your participation.

Latest Polls

  • Convenience Stores Pushes Forward
    This edition of Have You Say takes inspiration from an insight piece Retail Insight published on convenience stores’ new chapter.
  • Netflix Retail Strategy – Permanent or Stay Pop-Up?
    Introduction – Netflix Retail Strategy Retail Mashup wrote about the new Netflix at the Grove pop-up store that opened on October 13, 2022. We wanted to dedicate this pair of Have Your Say polls to its retail strategy. Many publications reported the news this week building up hype for Squid Games, Stranger Things, and other…
  • Cheers To The Best Birthday Yet
    Introduction – Birthday Many brands ask customers routinely for their personal information including name, address, and birth date. They try to know the customers better by adding previous transactions, engagements, and third-party data. When it comes to the special day, many brands neglect customers by not celebrating their special day. This begs the question, why…
  • Supermarket Kiosks – Love It or Hate It?
    Introduction – Supermarket Kiosks During the pandemic, many supermarket chains rapidly introduced self-checkout kiosks to replace full-time employees and reduce unnecessary interactions. Brandessence Market Research forecasts that the interactive kiosk market will reach $38.52 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 4.8%. Opinions vary on how effective these kiosks are. They have been popular with the younger…
  • Customer Experience Success
    Introduction – Finding Business Success Through Customer Experience Customer experience has a significant implication for business success. In the recent PwC’s Customer Loyalty Survey 2022, 51% of consumers would leave a brand if their digital experience is not the same or better than the physical experience. This number rises up to 69% for Gen Z…

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