Simple Human Deserves Better Displays

Simple Human's $130 soap dispenser - The perfect tool for dispensing soap touch-free without leaving germs behind. Optimized for effortless, efficient dishwashing with a matching stainless steel caddy that perfectly fits the pump and stores a sponge so it's always at your fingertips. Holds 50% more soap than our standard pump so you'll refill less often. Clog-proof tubing pump ensures a precise and consistent flow, and the silicone valve prevents messy drips. To control the amount of soap desired, you can position your hand up close to the sensor for a little soap and farther away for more. A wide refill opening makes refills fast and easy, and there's a QR code under the lid so you can reorder soap in a flash. It's also waterproof for easy cleaning. Rechargeable with included wireless charger — and one charge lasts up to 8 months. Use simplehuman soap for optimum pump performance. Also works with hand sanitizer.

 Brands and retailers should work together to create a positive customer experience by displaying products in a visually appealing way. Case in point – Simple Human’s $129 soap dispensers grouped with cheaper options may not work out for both brands.

Branded Content Creates Better Relationships

What are you watching? Branded content has an important role to shape habits. The type of beer or chips to buy for the big game could be influenced by what's shown during the game itself.

Branded content plays a vital part in creating better customer relationships. With a laser focus on matching branded content and expectations, brands can build stronger ties with customers and allow the pitfalls of overstating expectations. You can find this podcast…

IHOP Boosts By Amazing Customer Experience

IHOP Boosts By Amazing Customer Experience - Bourbon Bacon Jam Eggs Benedicts

 International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is a well-known all-day restaurant that focused on classic breakfast dishes and pancakes – lots of pancakes. This podcast episode focuses on their efforts in evolving their menu through customer and employee feedback. Customer experience…

What Is Brand Integration and How To Succeed From It?

Brand Integration - How To Succeed From Them?

lululemon, the popular athleisure company is mulling over offloading its exercise equipment division, Mirror, after less than three years of acquisition. This insight explores brand integration, discusses the lululemon and Mirror integration, and what brands can do to ensure partnerships…

Will Chatbots Be Better With GPT-4?

Will chatbots be better with GPT-4?

In an earlier insight, we explored how chatbots can use OpenAI‘s Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4) model. ChatGPT is one of many products that use this framework to showcase the technology’s prowess with some interesting results. This new Have Your…