Netflix Pop-Up Store

Netflix Retail Strategy – Fast Track To A Permanent Store?

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Introduction – Netflix Retail Strategy

Larry Leung recently wrote about the new Netflix at the Grove pop-up store that opened on October 13, 2022. We wanted to dedicate this pair of Have Your Say polls to the Netflix retail strategy.

How big is the Netflix pop-up store?


in square feet

Many publications reported the news this week building up hype for Squid Games, Stranger Things, and other entities to show up to purchase limited-edition merchandise.

Netflix Pop-up Store
Netflix Pop-up Store at The Grove (Source: Netflix)

With the pop-up store likely to become a hit, should Netflix think about building a permanent store? In addition, should streaming platforms introduce pop-up stores around the world?

What do you think? Have your say with the poll and comment below on how you feel about supermarket kiosks.

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Larry Leung
Larry Leung

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