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Sharing Our Insights

Customer experience plays a role whether you are a big or small retail shop.

According to a PwC research, the more expensive the item, the more customers are willing to pay. For example, customer are willing to pay a price premium for great customer experience. In the luxury retail industry, these customers are willing to pay a price premium of up to 13% to 18% higher prices for such experience. Why would you want to miss out on extra revenue?

Retail Mashup posts insight pieces on customer experience successes and failures in the industry. These posts mix current trends and historical showcases that highlight intentions versus reality. We will also discuss how brands can improve customer experience through engagement, technology innovation, service recovery techniques, and feedback monitoring.

All insights are written by retail customer experience experts, DeAnn Campbell, and Larry Leung. Find out more about them here.

Latest Insights

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Discussing Trends

Retail Mashup covers your soundbite needs on major podcast platforms. On a regular basis, DeAnn Campbell and Larry Leung will discuss trending topics with real-life stories mixed in doses of reality checks.

Some examples include how brands can use pop-up stores to extend customer engagement, what brands should do when they have been neglecting the customers, how brands can improve their signage, etc.

Latest Podcasts

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Interacting With You

We care about your opinions. On a regular basis, we will post polls on trending topics and ask for your thoughts. Fun examples include: how you feel about supermarket kiosks, how you feel about customer experience today, whether you have been engaged on your birthday, etc. We will curate our content based on your participation.

Latest Polls

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We are a content platform showcasing retail customer experience with insights, podcasts, interactive activities, and so much more. We are excited to share our thoughts and ideas with you in the quest to improve customer experiences. We look forward to hearing from you. Find out more here.

Retail Mashup
Retail Mashup